3 Incredibly Successful People Who Still Carry a Notebook

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In this age of digital innovation, there are many people who loudly proclaim that the days of the handwritten notes are over, writing is dead and within a few short years the humble pen and notebook will have been confined to the museum.

However, although technology does have its uses there is still a very strong case for using a personal notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas – in fact three of the worlds most successful business leaders have admitted to still using a notebook.

Richard Branson

The enigmatic business leader of his self-built business empire, Richard Branson is justifiably one of the most admired business leaders of this age.

Despite building a $5bn dollar business from the ground up, Branson still carries a humble notebook to record his ideas and thoughts during each day.

This fact was revealed in a blog on the Virgin website where Branson explains his daily routine – to quote his words “I always have a notebook on hand. My secret ‘life hack’ has been to write it down!  I can’t tell you where I’d be if I hadn’t had a pen on hand to write down my ideas as soon as they come to me”

So, Branson attributes his success to being able to quickly jot down ideas and thoughts – that way they are never forgotten and it means they will be acted on.

Sheryl Sandberg

The COO of Facebook, Sheryl, is widely credited with helping the business achieve remarkable success and growth over the last few years.

As would be expected, Sheryl’s day consists of a whirlwind of meetings which she organises and runs with a remarkably non-digital spiral-bound notebook.

The notebook holds a list of discussion items and action points and when they are all ticked off she rips the sheet out of her notebook and starts another.

Sheryl has spoken about the personal satisfaction of ticking off a list of items in a notebook – it’s a real motivation to get things done.

Bill Gates

Richard Branson recently revealed that his notebook carrying habit is also shared with the legendary Bill Gates.

Apparently when Gates gave a speech at a London conference, Branson was delighted to see him produce some notes from his pocket that were scribbled on pages torn from his pocket notebook.

Having a handy method to record thoughts, ideas and observations (or write last-minute notes for a speech) appears to be a common theme that is shared by all three business magnates.

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