Internal Campaign

Internal communications and promotions offer one of the single biggest merchandising opportunities around. And, as long as the products they are given are useful, most staff will keep and use them since they already have an emotional connection with your brand – it’s their brand too! Letting your staff know that you appreciate them with a morale boosting gift isn’t just good manners, it can actually be beneficial to your business and improve productivity.

Know your demographic

When selecting products, whether these are for internal communication purposes or given as a reward or thank you, it’s well worth considering the demographics of your employees.  Don’t forget to ask yourself, will the items be given to all staff members?  Do you have largely female or male employees?  Is their age group young, middle-aged or more mature?  The answers to these questions will have a big impact on the products that you choose. Things like eco-friendly products are a great example of a choice of items that will fit with a younger demographic and really appeal to their tastes.

Motivational merchandise

To help you decide, we’ve pulled together our top five most popular products for internal promotions:

With disposable single-use coffee cups increasingly perceived as damaging to the environment, why not consider running an environmental campaign internally that promotes the use of reusable coffee mugs? Show gratitude to your staff whilst reinforcing your green credentials, by making thermal coffee cups available to all your staff.

If it’s raining at lunchtime your staff will really appreciate the gift of a handy branded umbrella. Make sure your branding is prominent enough to get seen, but subtle enough to be stylish – your staff won’t want to feel like walking billboards!

Whilst we live in a technology-dominated world, a notebook is still a must-have item within the office environment. Consider branding the first few pages of a notebook with your company’s logo, mission statement or core values, to keep internal messaging at the forefront of employee’s minds.

Disposable plastic water bottles are also a ‘no-no’ nowadays due to their environmental impact. Re-useable branded water bottles are highly practical, and have plenty of space to include any messaging you need to convey. Presenting your staff with these items will communicate your commitment to sustainability whilst providing them with a useful gift.

If your company provides staff with a certain size of laptop or tablet then consider opting for branded sleeves or carry cases that fit their device. Again, make sure branding is tasteful and discrete, so staff will feel more inclined to use them.

Popular Promotional Products

    Nail Polish Gift Set

    Set of 2 quality 10ml nail polish pots in a printed window box. Available in over 80 stock colours from a minimum quantity of 250 pieces. Each bottle has a black cap and built in brush

    Silicone Wristband

    Silicone wristbands which can be pantone matched from 100 pieces. Available in adult and child sizes. Option to print or deboss your design to the outer

    PVC Moulded Keyring

    Flexible and fun way to promote your brand. Keyrings can be moulded to almost any 2D shape within 75mm x 75mm. Moulded up to 4 spot colours as standard with extra colours available if needed.

    Retro Sunglasses

    Retro design plastic sunglasses with category 3 lenses. Available in a wide range of colours. Your branding is added to the arms. Compliant with EN1836 & UV 400.

    Looking for new ideas?

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