Exhibitions and Trade shows – maximising impact

Attending exhibitions and trade shows can be hugely beneficial for your business – as long as you plan thoroughly beforehand, execute well on the day, and follow up effectively afterwards.

Based on our wealth of experience, we’ve pulled together five top tips and product recommendations, so that investing in an exhibition stand represents time and money well spent.

Five top tips for exhibiting at trade shows:

1. Analyse why you are exhibiting

Think carefully about how your company will benefit from the considerable investment involved. Set some specific goals (e.g. leads generated, revenue on the day, quantity of samples distributed) and measure your results against these goals to determine success.

2. Assess your budget for the event

A classic formula is:

  • 30% on merchandise. According to research, a useful promotional item can increase the likelihood of a prospect coming back to you by a massive 25%!
  • 40% on stand decor. Exhibition visitors will subconsciously scan the stands before deciding whether to turn to you or someone else, so make sure there is something about your stand that will attract them.
  • 20% on team clothing. If you’re not in branded matching outfits, visitors will struggle to identify your team from the rest of the crowd. Don’t be afraid to pick eye-catching, brightly coloured clothing that will get you noticed.
  • 10% on posters and leaflets. Well-designed printed literature will complement and support your promotional merchandise, and leave visitors with a lasting impression of your company.

3. Plan the look of your stand carefully

Put yourself in the shoes of an event visitor and think carefully about how to make your stand the one they will remember for months afterwards.

4. Have a strategy to engage with your target audience

Run a competition, raffle or quiz to give your sales team a chance to engage with attendees. Prizes don’t need to cost the earth to attract attention – gift vouchers or free samples of your product work well. If you can also collect their business cards or contact details, these can be followed up after the event.

5. Have a post-event plan

Failing to follow up on hot leads after an event can squander all the time and money invested beforehand. Make sure you allocate a few hours each day for the next couple of weeks to follow up every lead thoroughly – it’s essential!

Top 5 product recommendations:

Laminated Paper Carrier Bags

Paper carrier bag with gloss or matt lamination to the outer. White rope handles included or coloured rope available on request. Bags are bespoke so can be produced to almost any dimensions you require. The outer is flood coated with full colour print while the inner remains white.

Branded paper carrier bags

Our most popular exhibition bag. With the option for full colour printing over the whole outer surface, this item gives you plenty of design space, and they’re biodegradable and eco-friendly too. We also stock the very popular branded tote bag.

Classic Cotton T-Shirt

Classic cotton t-shirts with twin needle stitching to sleeves and bottom hem. Produced from 100% cotton. Available in ladies and men's sizes Small - XXLarge

Branded staff clothing

Branded polo and T-shirts are a great way to give your event team a cohesive look and ensure they stand out from the crowd.

Energy Drink

Revitalising energy drink with light stimulating effect to increase performance levels. Supplied in a stylish 250ml slimline metal can with a full colour printed label to outer. Minimum quantity 240 pieces (Supplied in cases of 24)

Branded energy drinks

It can be exhausting walking around an exhibition all day. Offer your customers an energy boost with a branded drink product. Full colour printing can be applied to the whole outer surface, giving you great design flexibility and ensuring your brand is highly visible.

Active Metal Powerbank

Slim, premium powerbank with a sleek aluminium body. Packing a respectable 4000mAh battery this powerbank will charge most phones fully. Supplied in a card box with a USB to micro USB charging cable.

Branded powerbank

Phone batteries can run flat surprisingly quickly. Be on hand with a branded powerbank and quickly get your customers’ phones up and running again. Powerbanks will be kept and used for a long time after the exhibition, creating brand exposure for months to come.

Austin Black Travel Mug

450ml stainless steel thermal travel mug with a soft touch black body and coloured handle, trim and lid centre. Supplied individually boxed. Your logo engraved to the outer. We can also engrave individual names to these travel mugs - please enquire for more details and pricing.

Branded travel mug

A popular product especially in the winter months. Many coffee shops are now offering a discount if you take your own mug in. Help your customers participate in this scheme with a branded mug.

Looking for new ideas?

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