Branded Walking Umbrellas

We are lucky enough to have some amazing countryside in this country but enjoying it does sometimes involve quite a lot of rain. This means a branded walking umbrella certainly makes for a very useful and effective promotional product to choose for any kind of event or staff gift.

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Quality Gusset Cotton Tote

Budget Walking Umbrella

Great quality low cost walking umbrella with a black metal stem and plastic handle. Available in a variety of panel colours or pantone matched
Quality Gusset Cotton Tote

Colourline Walking Umbrella

Quality walking umbrella with automatic open function for quick opening. Windproof features for great flexibility in windy conditions. Black canopy with coloured stem and ribs to add an interesting touch.
Quality Gusset Cotton Tote

Vented Executive Walking Umbrella

Executive walking style umbrella with a vented canopy and black crook handle. Automatic open function for ease of use and fibreglass ribs for increased stability in windy conditions. Over 40 standard colours available - please enquire

Not Just For Walking and Hiking

A branded walking umbrella isn’t just for people who do a lot of hiking. These high quality, durable and effective umbrellas are great for the school run, the commute, dog walking and pretty much anything else. Living in the country we do a branded hiking umbrella is also super useful for camping trips and even the beach!

Great Branding

One of the key factors in the efficacy of a promotional product is how useful it is. For a branded product to work it needs to be used by the recipient regularly or it needs to work very hard on the odd occasion it is used. Umbrellas work on both levels. A branded walking umbrella offers lots of print space to get your logo or message seen, it offers 360 degree branding and it is useful enough to get used over and over again.

Branded Walking Umbrella Choices

We offer a range of promotional walking umbrella options.

Budget Walking Umbrella – This classic high quality but lower cost option is perfect for any event or staff gift. Plenty of print space and a wide range of panel colour options.

Colourline Walking Umbrella – Automatic opening and windproof this is a very popular option for branding.

Vented Executive Walking Umbrella – This sleek and great looking umbrella has automatic opening a vented canopy and is also windproof. A really sturdy and high quality option.

If you would like to discuss our branded walking umbrella options or other types of umbrellas like telescopic and kids options then please get in touch.