Branded Kids Umbrellas

These kids sized promotional umbrellas are perfect for family events, staff gifts and for parent and child focused brands. Big enough for plenty of branding space and to keep little people dry but small enough to be easy and safe to use for kids.

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Sturdy Kids Umbrella

Sturdy Kids Umbrella

Sturdy kids umbrella with a simple and safe opening mechanism. High quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions. Colour coordinated crook handle.
Quality Gusset Cotton Tote

Childrens Safety Umbrella

Sturdy kids umbrella with a child friendly design and reflective piping for optimum visibility in traffic. Simple and safe opening mechanism with a high quality windproof frame

Useful and Fun

Getting the right branded products is critical if you hope to get a good return on your investment. Products that are not useful will tend to be very short lived. It is key to find ideas that are useful and will be used time and time again. A branded umbrellas is certainly useful…we do live in the UK after all. But kids are not quite so interested in usefulness as us adults so our range of children’s branded umbrellas are perfect for adding a fun logo, mixing up some great colours and providing something they can use and feel like a grown up. Branded children’s umbrellas fit the bill in terms of usefulness and fun and so make a great branded product for any kind of family event or kids brand.

Kids Umbrella

This is a great all round umbrella simply made small enough for kids to use easily. It is available in a wide range of colours and has a steel frame strong enough to take a few knocks too!

Children’s Safety Umbrella

This sturdy and perfectly sized umbrella has reflective piping on it so it is more visible to cars and road users. It makes for a perfect school run umbrella and it’s certainly one that parents will dig out for rainy days because of the added level of safety. It is still plenty big enough to get lots of branding space on but certainly the right size for kids to use easily and feel confident with.

Get In Touch

If you would like some advice about which type of children’s umbrella to chose please get in touch via our chat window or use our contact page, we are able to offer lots of advice as well as get you a quote fast!