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No matter how digitalised we get, many of us still reach for a notepad on a daily basis. Whether it’s to jot down directions or contact details or for taking notes during meetings, note or memo pads are used at home, in the office and on the go. Due to their frequent use and placement in both workplaces and the home, custom branded notepads are popular promotional stationery items for businesses.

We have a selection of notepads and sticky notes that can be customised with your company logo, full branding or custom design. Our range of branded notepads offer a cost-effective promotional platform where you can get your business name into the marketplace. When you use promotional notepads as corporate gifts at trade shows or give them out at an event, they are likely to be taken back to offices and homes.


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A6 Notepad

Compact A6 notepad (half the size of an A5 notepad) consisting of 50 sheets of white paper glued at the head to a grey backboard. Supplied bulk packed. All paper from FSC certified forests which are sustainably managed

A7 Notepad

Compact A7 notepad (quarter of the size of an A5 notepad) consisting of 50 sheets of white paper glued at the head to a grey backboard. Supplied bulk packed. All paper from FSC certified forests which are sustainably managed

Branded A4 Notepads

When it comes to functionality the classic A4 notepad is pretty much the go to for any office environment. Our A4 notepads have 50 sheets of lines paper glued at the head to a grey backboard. The paper is from FSC forests so it’s green credentials are great too. On there own they may not look like much but once they have your company logo printed on the front these functional and useful branded A4 notepads make for a brilliant promotional tool.

Branded A5 Notepads

If the A4 notepad is the staple of every office then the A5 notepad is the super useful little sibling. Branded A5 notepads fit perfectly in laptop bags as well as handbags and smaller work bags. This means it can go anywhere and be ready to show of your corporate branding in any business location from café meetings to big corporate boardroom pitches.

Moleskine Cahier Journals

Cahier journals from Moleskine with a cardboard cover, rounded corners and visible stitching on the spine. 80 pages of ruled paper with the last 16 pages being detachable. 13 x 21cm

Moleskine Volant Journals

Soft cover journals from Moleskine with the classic rounded corners and detachable sheets. 80 pages of lined paper. 13cm x 21cm

Sticky Notepad

Sticky notepad with a recycled cardboard cover. Cover features die cut holes to view the colour of the sticky notes inside

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes available in a variety of rectangular and square sizes. 50 sheets of paper glued at the head with print to 1 side. These post-it notes are the perfect office companion

Why Notepads?

One of the key benefits of a branded notepad as a promotional item is that your branding and/or logo will be on every page, always visible. Furthermore, the very purpose of memo notepads is to be within easy reach and so they are placed in strategic places around the home and office. This makes them highly effective branded stationery for promotional corporate gifting.

Customised Office Notepads

Notepads have always been and will always be useful in almost every business environment. Every desk needs a notepad and this is why branded office notepads are such a good method for brand and corporate promotion. Imagine your company logo on the desks of your clients, and potential clients, who will see your branding on every single notepad page. Thereby ensuring your company name is the first they’ll recall when there’s a need for your services or products. Customised office notepads fit very well into a business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy.

Customised office notepads also make great corporate branded stationery to use internally, in your own offices. Filling your stationery cupboard with your own branded items is a great way to help staff feel associated with the company and they make a great gift for new starters. Not only that but when potential clients visit it makes a great impression to see everyone in the meeting using branded notepads.

Customised Stationery For Remote Workers

Perhaps some or all of your employees are now working from home? How do you ensure they feel part of the organisation and feel intrinsically linked with the brand?

With remote and hybrid working becoming more common, aiding employees with the tools they need, such as basic stationery, is essential. However, branded stationery can be a subtle and yet effective way to give employees a sense of belonging and wider purpose, deepening that team working mindset even when working remotely.

Branded Household Memo Notepads

Writing pads and memo notepads are absolutely vital in the home. Particularly in family homes with busy schedules. Memo Notepads are used for shopping lists, to-do lists, planning, reminders, meal planning and appointments, as well as leaving messages for family members.

This means that with your branded notepads in homes, your company logo will be seen on a daily basis. Enabling your customers, and potential customers, to associate your brand with their lifestyle. People love notepads at home, so promotional memo pads are a great way to get your brand in front of consumers in a domestic setting. If you want to reach out to consumers, then branded notepads could be a key component of your business-to-customer marketing strategy.

A4 Custom Lined Notepads

Our 50 sheet A4 custom lined notepads are perfect for any event. The lined paper is ideal for note-taking at talks or presentations and the paper is all sourced from FSC forests, so it is sustainable too!

A5 Branded Lined Notepads

These 50 sheet lined A5 notepads are small enough to fit into goodie bags but big enough for your company logo to make an impact. Perfect as gifts or for office use.

Sticky Notepads

These handy little notepads are filled with sticky notes of multiple colours, perfect for marking pages in reports and leaving notes on monitors. These are made from recycled cardboard and make for a perfect corporate event or exhibition goodie bag gift.

Responsibly-Sourced Corporate Stationery

Action Promote take special care to ensure the sustainability of all products available in our customisable notepad range. When producing paper-based items, we must do so in a way that maintains the health and longevity of the world’s forests. This is why all of our notepads come with the FSC label, (Forest Stewardship Council) letting you know they have been produced sustainably. In addition, our Sticky Notepads are produced using recycled materials.

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Written by Lyndon Holding

As lead Creative Consultant at Action Promote, Lyndon is in daily contact with our clients – providing fresh and creative merchandise ideas for their campaigns. Lyndon is a passionate believer that merchandise should be useful and practical and is constantly innovating with new products to help our clients stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for unique merchandise ideas for your next campaign then get in touch for a no-obligation consultation today.