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The client, a market leader in international freight insurance services, requested that we create – “a robust, quality gift that reflects TT Club’s standing as the leading transport and logistics insurer. It needs to appeal directly to the target market”.


Our in-house team designed and created a completely original bespoke puzzle game. We put a lot of thought into developing a unique corporate gift that would reflect the core values of the brand – integrity, absolute quality, and demonstrating resourcefulness and lateral thinking. It was manufactured to the highest standards, and fully compliant with all necessary toy and EU regulations. Consisting of premium quality, solid wooden blocks to be inserted and arranged to fit into a mini ‘freight’ container box, the game came packaged in a luxury presentation case.


A premium product that exceeded all expectations – the TT Club game has been a real hit with the client and their customers. Not only is the game fun to play, the gift also effectively reinforces a strong brand message. All campaign objectives achieved and a job well done!

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