Show your team they matter

Let people know you’re thinking about them by sending a WFH Pack, Wellness Pack, Eco Pack, or if you’ve just hired someone then send a friendly Welcome Pack.

Branded eco pack

The Eco Pack

As a socially responsible brand, demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment by giving your team ethically made gifts that don’t cost the earth. With a low carbon footprint, these sustainable gifts show you care about your people’s wellbeing as well as the planet’s.

The Wellness Pack

Your team’s wellbeing is the most important priority right now. Let people know you’re thinking about them by sending a Wellness Pack that boosts both their physical and mental health. Working with computers can mean our backs ache and our necks are stiff. Encourage a culture of self-care by giving people the tools they need to feel good and work well.

Branded wellness pack
Branded work from home pack

The WFH Pack

Make working from home a little bit easier by sending your staff a company WFH Pack that gives them a little ‘me’ time. Protect your team’s privacy by providing a camera cover for when they’re not on a video call and offer some comfort with a decent cup of tea and a coaster with space for a biscuit (or three).

The Welcome Pack

Make your newest member of staff feel at home by sending a Welcome Pack. Show them that they’re connected – even if they’re physically distanced – through gifts that unite them with the rest of the team. Reassure them they’re not alone and that they’ll be supported every step of the way.

Branded welcome pack

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