Wireless: The Smart Way to Charge

Technology is a wonderful thing but don’t we all loathe the wires that come with it? Thankfully in one area – phone charging – cables are rapidly becoming a thing of the past with the recent and swift growth in wireless charging. ‘Powermat Spots’ can now be found in some Starbucks tables and a few Ikea products now come with it integrated; wireless charging is becoming more and more available in the wider world and set to become a standard part of our home tech. Look out for them when you’re out and about in restaurants, airports and trains to see their rise to popularity.

We feel it’s a great time to get ahead of the curve and gift your customers or team with a device charging gadget. You’ll be seen to be very current with your merchandising and they’ll become early adopters of this trend.

One charger can be used for several devices of different brands which means users can finally say goodbye to that nest of cables in your kitchen drawer. Plus, it’s super convenient – simply put your phone down on the pad and it’ll get on with it’s job. Some charge faster than others so look out for the output wattage which range from 5W to 15. The only barrier to consider is that whoever you’re gifting the wireless charger pads to, have compatible phones. For instance, this new technology is currently supported by iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X and the Samsung Galaxies above S6 so it’s worth considering before you commit to buy.

We have a wide range of wireless charging devices available including lamps, so that you can put your brand directly into people’s homes and capitalise on this growing trend.


About Lyndon Holding

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