Why Branded Umbrellas Are the Ideal Promotional Product

British citizens are more than familiar with the unpredictable weather experienced in the UK, with cold, wet winters and drizzly summer showers. And it’s for this reason that the umbrella is the perfect accessory to have to hand – especially when it comes to choosing branded products for businesses.

A practical accessory

Umbrellas are a timeless object that can be used by everyone, regardless of gender or age, and they’re always useful – particularly in the UK where the weather is so unpredictable. Not only suitable for rainy days, an umbrella can also be used for shade when the sun is out. As an everyday essential, you can be sure that an umbrella isn’t going to be an item that sits in a drawer or in the back of a cupboard, dusty and unused. In the UK, with the countless rainy days we experience, they’re a product that many customers and staff will be happy to have close to hand. And what’s more, they’re an affordable solution to a business’ promotional needs.

The ideal promotional tool

Personalised umbrellas, whether you choose to invest in branded walking umbrellas, golf umbrellas or products for little ones, are a functional accessory that serves as fantastic advertising space for your business. They’re durable and provide plenty of opportunity for visibility by hundreds of people over their lifespan for big impact. For businesses looking to get their money’s worth from their marketing budget, umbrellas are the perfect product. An umbrella has a wide canvas for logos, brand names and taglines, so you can be creative with designs.

Great for customisation

Umbrellas can be tailored to your brand in a number of ways, from the colour of the brolly itself to the messaging and logos printed on them. Even the style of the handle can be tailored to create a unique product that’s not only excellent for marketing and visibility but is also practical and useful for your customers. They can be used as giveaways for customers, as a premium gift at tradeshows and conferences, for employees and business partners, or even to be kept at your business premises for use by visitors and staff on rainy days.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s a day filled with intense sunshine or an unexpected rainstorm, having an umbrella close by can make your day all the easier. No-one wants to be unprepared when bad weather hits, nor do they want to be left without shade on a scorching day. But as a business, being able to provide customers and employees with a branded alternative is a great marketing opportunity.

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