What’s So Special About Moleskine Notebooks?

“It’s a Moleskine,” I recall a colleague confirming as our team admired her black soft cover pocket notebook. Stroking my finger across the vinyl cover I couldn’t help but feel a bit envious. My notebook was the cheaply-made company-branded diary that everyone had been given on their first day. It certainly wasn’t an item that left an impression. The new girl, who had opted to bring her own notebook to work, already looked more professional with her fancy journal that gave the impression of being home to game-changing ideas and creativity. The following week I bought myself my own Moleskine – in red, of course. The point is, you don’t have to have heard of Moleskine to recognise the difference in quality.

Moleskine notebooks are synonymous with understated style and professionalism. They have been used by some of the greatest writers of our time, including Ernest Hemmingway and Oscar Wilde, whilst plain paper versions were popular with artists Picasso and Van Gogh. Nowadays they are also wildly considered the preferred choice for business professionals. But just what is so special about Moleskine Notebooks?

Moleskine Durability

Style aside, the key function of a notebook is to jot down ideas, plans and key points. This being, a worthy notebook will need to travel well and be able to take a few knocks in a handbag or briefcase. Both the hard and soft cover Moleskines are highly durable. With a vinyl cover, they simply wipe clean if they’re victim to drink spillages or sticky surfaces on commuter trains.

Rounded corners also mean less damage to the edges as a result of being carried around. The soft flexi-covers preserve the spine even with daily use and the elastic strap keeps the pages protected. Despite the Moleskine being considered a sophisticated brand, that does not make it an item that needs to be handled with velvet gloves. One of the leading reasons that Moleskine is popular is because it stands up to the regular use and burden of being toted around whilst still managing to stay looking smart and professional.

Are Moleskine Notebooks Good Value?

Although Moleskine isn’t the cheapest notebook, it is good value. Considering the superior quality of both the paper and cover, as well as its long history, the brand does not take advantage when it comes to cost.

If you’re seeking a branded product for your company employees to use, or to gift to clients, then there are cheaper options. Yet, when you brand a product your brand becomes synonymous with theirs and Moleskine is not a bad brand to be associated with.

Branding A Moleskine Notebook

It was the desire to have a stylish-looking quality notebook that led me to ditch the company-branded A4 journal with worn-out corners. The company may have been satisfied with that journal but I wanted something special. Something worthy of all the great ideas I was going to record in my career. I wanted to walk into meeting rooms and be taken seriously. To make sure everyone knew immediately that I took my job seriously. Rightly or wrongly, our style and choices say something about us and if they’re branded they say something about the company.

Moleskine’s reputation is one of quality, superiority, elegance and reliability. Having your logo or company slogan printed on this notebook is creating a link between the brands. Branded Moleskines notebooks are also especially effective because they are seen in all the right environments – on commuter trains, on boardroom tables and plucked out at client meetings.

If your clients or employees are being gifted an item that showcases your company logo, then Moleskine is a excellent choice of gift to wrap your branding around.

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