What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

Wave Bottle

Corporate gifts have been used by companies around the world for decades, to show appreciation for staff, to welcome new members to the team or just to act as a goodwill gesture to signify that the business values their staff. They’re a great way of affirming relationships between the company and its employees, and to build connections, and this has never been more important than now with so many of us working remotely. Here are some great corporate gifts they’re sure to appreciate.

New Employee Welcome Packs

Onboarding new employees at any time is a big investment, but it can be difficult for new starters to feel part of the team when working from home. A physical product, sent to their home, can really brighten their day and make them feel appreciated and valued by their new employer. Employee welcome packs are a brilliant option to provide your new employee with useful items to help them settle in, from an organisation handbook to a branded water bottle and branded clothing items that all serve as a meaningful gesture. From adding tech items like branded webcam covers or charging cables, to food or branded accessories like umbrellas, there are countless ways to create a welcome pack that is thoughtful and bespoke.

Eco-Friendly Items

Society is more conscious than ever of the climate crisis and our environmental impact, so eco-friendly products are a great way of providing promotional items but in an eco-conscious way. From items made from materials that are compostable after use to using recycled materials to create the items, there are various options when it comes to providing corporate gifts that don’t cost the earth. Why not gift your employees bamboo earbuds for their morning meetings? Or maybe they’d appreciate a laptop sleeve, made from recycled materials, for when the workday is done?

Food Gifts

Food is always a thoughtful and well-appreciated gift, so why not show your employees you care and value their efforts with a branded food gift? There are numerous options when it comes to edible corporate gifts, from chocolate selections to seasonal products like Easter eggs, and even freshly baked cupcakes, adorned with your company logo.

Classic Gifts

There are a few gift options that really are timeless classics. These are options that perhaps do follow current trends but are always well received. Branded Moleskine notebooks are one such item. These luxurious notebooks feel great to hold and use and give a real impression of quality. Very few people would fail to feel confident sitting down to a meeting with a Moleskine notebook. Alongside notebooks premium pens are also a really classic gift choice. Brands like Cross, Castelli, and Parker make superior pens and anyone receiving one would really feel the difference to anything else they have written with.


Tech Gifts

So many of us rely on tech to get our daily tasks done, even if we’re not in a tech-based role. This is even more relevant for many of us now that remote working has become the norm. So, as a business, what better way to combine a corporate gift with a useful one than with something they can utilise each day? From wireless headphones to stylish speakers, Bluetooth keyboards and power banks, tech gifts are always well-received. What’s more, these branded items can really enhance each employees’ work day when they’re at home.

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