Welcome packs for new employees

New employees are a big investment for any organisations so it follows reason that they should be made to feel welcome.  We’re not talking about a short introduction speech and handshake from the CEO, but some actual physical products that they can keep and use every day to make their work life easier or more enjoyable.  New starters who are welcomed with a gift pack will feel they have joined an organisation that values their contribution and really cares about their wellbeing and success.

What is typically included in a new package for new employees?

The contents of a welcome pack will vary from organisation to organisation but typically they will include 4-6 of the below items:

Organisation handbook – outlines the organisation policies, mission, vision, values and sometimes a few ‘unwritten office rules’ to help the new team member settle in quickly

Branded water bottle – everyone drinks water so this is a firm favourite for lots of companies.  There is the added benefit of your brand being promoted outside of the workplace when the bottle is used at home/with friends

Branded notebook – essential office tool for taking meeting notes, doodles and those sudden brainwaves!  Increase your brand loyalty by providing an embossed notebook for all new starters

Laptop/phone – this can vary from company to company but many new starter packs include laptop or phone (or both) depending on the job role.  Apple products are particularly popular for marketing, communications or design roles

Food – and lots of it!  From cookies and chocolate cakes to apples and bananas (depending on the healthiness of your office) there are several options available.  Just make sure the food can be shared with the rest of the office!

Branded t-shirt or hoodie – this is typically more popular in technology companies but we are seeing other organisations latch onto the trend.  Although branded clothing can prove tricky (particularly the sizing), it’s a nice gesture for new starters and is a gift they can use outside of the office environment, again giving more exposure to your brand

Branded backpack – provide a place for new employees to store their branded swag and laptop.  If the backpack is good enough quality it’s guaranteed to be used on a daily basis, creating a walking talking advertisement for your brand

Other ideas for welcome packs for new employees

The ideas above are all ‘standard’ promotional items – nothing wrong with them but just a little bit ‘vanilla’.  At Action Promote we like to do things a little differently.  We’ve found the best way to create a unique and engaging welcome pack is to take a quick survey of the top 5 items your colleagues use every single day and mold these into an innovative welcome pack – the chances are your new recruits will use exactly the same items. Why not consider some eco-friendly products as a great way to make an impression on new staff too!

To kick start the process we’ve included a few new and novel ideas below – have a browse!

Branded webcam covers – offering security from prying eyes on the internet

Branded umbrellas – a popular and appreciated gift for new starters.  Although umbrellas can be a big investment, they are guaranteed to be kept and used for several months, if not years.

Branded phone charging cable – very useful product because it supports any make or model of phone.  New starters are guaranteed to use this cable outside of the work environment, increasing your brand exposure

Branded wireless charger – the future of phone charging.  Most new phones support wireless charging so make it easy for your new starters by providing them with printed wireless chargers

Branded phone fan – keep your new employees cool on a hot day

Branded screencloth mousemat – a usual dual-purpose desktop product.  Can be used as a mousemat and also a cloth to clean your phone/laptop/tablet screen

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About Lyndon Holding

As lead Creative Consultant at Action Promote, Lyndon is in daily contact with our clients – providing fresh and creative merchandise ideas for their campaigns. Lyndon is a passionate believer that merchandise should be useful and practical and is constantly innovating with new products to help our clients stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for unique merchandise ideas for your next campaign then get in touch for a no-obligation consultation today.

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