Branded Clothing: Building Team Identity

From small start-ups through to global brands, branded clothing works as an effective marketing tool for any company. Here’s why you should invest in branded clothing as part of your promotional strategy.

Extend your reach

The surface of company t-shirts can be considered a promotional tool when branded in the right way, turning staff and customers into walking advertisements for your business. Branded clothing has the potential to reach hundreds, even thousands, of people over the course of its lifetime, which is a fantastic return on investment when it comes to marketing your business and services.

Improve brand recall

This marketing technique can help to boost brand recall and remind people who you are and what you sell. Clients will often remember businesses if they’ve been given promotional items by them, such as at events or workshops. And if a passer-by sees your branded clothing on a client or employee, they’re likely to remember the name when they’re in search of the services or products you offer in the future. High-quality clothing with your name and logo on it instantly helps people attribute excellence to your business, which is precisely the connection you want people to have.

Turn employees into ambassadors

Branded items, such as t-shirts or jackets, can become part of your business’ uniform, creating a cohesive and professional look to your workforce and transforming them into brand ambassadors. Depending on the design you choose, you can distinguish your company from others simply through the clothing that your staff wear. It delivers consistency and recognisability that can benefit your business.

Boost team morale

Staff feel more engaged and perform better when they feel as though they’re part of something larger. As the saying goes, there’s no ‘I’ in team, and having a smart uniform that all employees wear can help to solidify the inclusive team environment. But that’s not to say that your clothing has to be corporate to have this effect. Branded hoodies, for example, are comfortable and casual, but they still provide a consistent look that can help employees step into their role and feel more connected to the business.

Final thoughts

From increased employee engagement and customer retention to a cost-effective way of marketing your business, branded items are the perfect promotional tool for any business. Whether you use t-shirts adorned with your logo as a free gift to customers and clients or you create a uniform from branded items that your staff can wear with pride, branded clothing is a great investment into your company.

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