Are corporate gifts still effective as marketing tools?

Giving corporate gifts has been a common practice for decades and many organisations could vouch for how it assists business development by building strong and positive relationships. But are corporate gifts still effective marketing tools? We decided to go back to basics and explore some of the reasons why we believe corporate gifts are an essential ingredient in every marketing plan.

Corporate gifts build brand awareness with prospective customers

They say that “repetition is the mother of learning” and there’s certainly nothing like consistent brand exposure to develop increased awareness with your prospects. How often do you pick up a branded pen, drink from a branded mug or look at a branded calendar? Quite likely several times a day, which explains why branded corporate gifts constantly steal the prize for the most impressions per pound spent. BPMA studies have proved time and time again that branded promotional merchandise builds trust in the company that supplied the products.

Corporate gifts can help boost staff morale

It’s common knowledge that employees will only stay with a company that appreciates the effort they put in and rewards them accordingly. Every organisation wants to retain their top talent as well as attract new talent and handing out branded merchandise is a great way to encourage this. Another advantage of giving branded corporate gifts to staff is that they’re likely to use them outside of work, so whether that’s at home, in the coffee shop, at the gym or on holiday, it all helps to spread your brand message far and wide!

Corporate gifts are a great reward for customer loyalty

When was the last time you sent your best customers a gift, simply to show how much you appreciate their loyalty? Everyone loves to receive an unexpected gift – we’ve proved it – and it’s an excellent way to demonstrate that your organisation isn’t just an order processing machine but actually cares about them on a personal level.

(P.S. Would you like to receive a mystery free gift? Drop us a line and we?ll pop something in the post for you!)


About Lyndon Holding

As lead Creative Consultant at Action Promote, Lyndon is in daily contact with our clients – providing fresh and creative merchandise ideas for their campaigns. Lyndon is a passionate believer that merchandise should be useful and practical and is constantly innovating with new products to help our clients stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for unique merchandise ideas for your next campaign then get in touch for a no-obligation consultation today.

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