A Guide To Sustainable Promotional Products

Branded Eco Pack

Many companies are looking to grow their business sustainably, protecting the planet as they do so and endeavouring to keep their carbon footprint low. However, branded merchandise and promotional products have not always been designed to be planet-friendly. In fact, a fair amount is made from plastic and are rarely essential items.

In our increasingly environmentally-conscious world, sustainable promotional products are essential. Not only for the good of the environment but also for the company brand. A lack of care for the environment is a red flag for many customers and other businesses. If you aren’t seen to be preserving the planet then what does it say about your company values and how you manage your impact on the world?

At Action Promote, we are seeing an increasing drive toward sustainable promotional products for corporate branding and we have a number of items that will help you in reducing your carbon footprint whilst effectively getting your brand out into the world.

Here are our top three sustainable promotional product recommendations:

Eco-Friendly Branded Notebooks

Notebooks are always a leading choice for corporate branding. Used internally and gifted externally, notebooks are a great promotional product to brand for B2B businesses because they appear exactly where they’re likely to get noticed by the right people – at meetings, on commuter trains and in corporate environments.

Notebooks are simple to brand and are used on a daily basis. They are wonderful for your client-facing employees to take out on meetings and they make great client gifts.

Both renewable and biodegradable, cork is a highly sustainable material. Hence, why our A5 Cork Notebook is so popular. Paired with a cork pen and available in a gift box, this eco-friendly notebook is ideal for goodie bags and as a promotional giveaway product at recruitment fairs and exhibitions. If you’re looking for a sustainable promotional product made from an even more unique material though, then check out the Apple Notebook. Made from apple peel and vegetable fibres. These are available in rich green, deep red, black, blue or earthy brown and feel so luxurious it’s amazing to believe they’re produced using raw waste materials.

The Organic T-Shirt

Branded clothing means a walking advertisement for your company. Always-on display, a branded t-shirt provides plenty of space to showcase your brand, including your company logo, a slogan, links to social media and online channels and even images of your products. T-shirts make for great giveaways at events and exhibitions. However, many leading businesses use them for their teams internally. Branded t-shirts make staff easy to identify and reflect pride in the business and brand.

Our Organic T-Shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and is available in over 15 colours and a variety of sizes. Despite the high quality, it is excellent value and company branding for our t-shirts has a fast and efficient turn-around time. We are even able to print individual names on this sustainable promotional product.

Organic Cotton Tote Bag

Since the retreat of carrier bags, the tote bag has become an excellent choice for a promotional product. If your brand is one you want to be seen on the high street then having it printed on a tote bag is going to get you plenty of exposure. Many brands use tote bags to convey a message along with their slogan, as the tote bag provides ample space to do so. Highlighting your values, for instance, can encourage somebody to use the product and align themselves with your brand.

Tote bags are far better for the environment than single-use carrier bags of course, but they’re not eco-friendly themselves unless they are made from sustainable materials. So make sure your promotional tote bag isn’t made from fibres that take years to biodegrade. At Action Promote we have several organic cotton tote bags, including a budget cotton tote bag and a boating premium tote bag. Branding is easily added to promotional tote bags and ours come in a selection of colours that enable any logo to pop.

Trade shows, recruitment fairs and exhibitions are excellent places to give out branded tote bags. When deciding where to give out your promotional merchandise, it’s worth considering the message you are promoting and who you want it to reach. Many brands choose to highlight a particular mission or achievement they want the public to be aware of. For instance ‘The UK’s Largest Graduate Employer’ or ‘Committed To Rewilding The World’. Particular events will expose you to the right audience to get behind and assist you in promoting your message.

How Promotional Products Can Be Sustainable

Aside from selecting products that are reusable and made from sustainable materials, the best way to make your merchandise eco-friendly is to have a plan for how to use it. Having a proper strategy for getting the most out of your promotional products ensures that nothing gets wasted and all your branded corporate gifts are working effectively to promote your brand and raise awareness of your message.

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